Ellie Saab Nadya HAsan Nadya HAsan The Fierce NAy Ellie Saab Ralph Ricky NAdya HAsan the Fierce nay

Photography by Rawdha Al Saket

Dress from The Luxury Arcade, Ricky bag by Ralph Lauren, Christian Louboutin Heels

Know for his beautiful designs and now also making a scene in the perfume industry.

Elie Saab has created a beautiful range of perfume called the “La Collection des Essences”. The beautiful essence were created by the famous Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian.

Now here are two of my favorites out of the 4 essence in total. Lets starts with Essence N° 1 Rose, Perfect for the summer very light and a floral smell of a Damascena Roses. I have been wearing this smell for the past week and you can smell me coming from a mile away. Next, Essence N°4 Oud. Oud is pretty much known for it’s strong smell and heaviness, which is something most Arabs do love and appreciate. It has a strong presence in the entire collection and it’s something that can easily be mixed with the Essence N° 1 Rose to give it a lighter smell.

Elie Saab’s La Collection des Essences is one you must try and trust me it’s worth it!

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  1. Escenzo says:

    I am so confused about these fragrances. I had not seen them for sale anywhere nor heard them mentioned anywhere other than on here. That said some of them sounded beautiful and definitely worthy of sampling.

    The Elie Saab website was as circuitous and baffling as most other high-end websites I have visited (yes Prada, I am looking at you!) so I decided to contact them directly, asking where these perfumes were stocked and could be sampled and purchased. Their reply:

    “We wish to inform you that the Elie Saab Essence collection is a limited edition collection which is not available anymore.”

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