October 15, 2016
October 30, 2016
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NAdya HAsan Massimo Dutti

PArisian Door
NAdya HAsan in MAssimo Dutti NAdya HAsan NAdya HAsan in Paris IMG_7090

Full outfit by Massimo Dutti

I remember the first time I discovered and fell in love with Massimo Dutti. I was around 17 years old and one of my friends sister wore this gorgeous dress that had a knot on the shoulder and it was simply dreamy, she posted it on facebook ( well instagram was still not a thing back then) anyway I think I harassed her just enough for her to tell me where she got the dress from until she coughed it up and told me that she did get it from Massimo Dutti. ( I still have dreams of that dress)

 I think ever since I have been a lover of the brand and always buy something either for an event, travel or when it’s just time to update my wardrobe with whatever I need.

 Well as you can see from what I’m wearing, Massimo Dutti really caters to each and every season that comes along, I mean their A/W looks right now is just epic, and this coat is truly life to me and let’s not forget how every girl loves herself a pair of leather pants! Am I right???

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