Hey dolls, thank god it is Friday huh? I feel like this was the longest week of my life due to the craziness that I went through. So many meetings, soo many places and soo many people to see.

Oh well, at least I got some downtime at Spa Zen earlier this week. Nothing beats a good spa treatment. I love trying out new and unheard of Spa’s around Dubai. I must say, this is one Spa you would not normally consider as its location is a bit unordinary comparing to the buildings around it.It is located in the Radisson Royal hotel on Sheikh Zayed road. I must say it is one of the most contemporary and gorgeous hotels I have ever been to, It has my approval.

Anyway, I love the Spa treatment I tried out the Zen Royal Massage. It was very relaxing with a mixture of Eastern and Western techniques. The atmosphere was great and it was a pleasant treatment. Pearl really has the massaging skills.

I Hope you guys get to head down there this weekend.

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