November 5, 2017
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A big pink fluff! Cold winter days are finally here… I really am typically not your usual winter person but I know what the hype is all about. I mean all the gorgeous coats and jackets and snuggling next to a fire place with a hot coco in hand and just thinking I don’t know if I’m hot or cold at this moment.

Anyway, so these are some of my lost files from my trip to Paris back in March during PFW. I saw this gorgeous pink fluff on House of CB a while ago and I just knew it was love at first sight and I had to have it not knowing where to wear it but that’s just it I can wear it where ever I want and that’s exactly what I did! Oh for the joy of this.

I’ll be posting some more Paris looks in the next few posts because they are waayyyyyy over due… but to stay up to date you know you gotta follow me on Instagram @thefierce_nay

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