John Lewis must be one name on every woman’s mind when it comes to luxury home décor. I must admit the first time I heard of the brand was from my mother years ago. My mom as you can say has a bit of an unhealthy obsession with interior design, I kid you not she changes up her house every six month, from carpets to curtains to the fabric on her sofas. Growing up the house wouldn’t not be the same for too long, I remember my friends coming over every now and then and they would just be like “umm this wasn’t what your place looked like the last time I was here” it made me laugh each time I heard it.

Anyway, back to the main topic which is John Lewis. So they opened up their doors earlier this year at Robinsons in Festival City Dubai. I remember walking in the store before the opening  and I just looked at all the beautiful sofas and the matching wall papers to the bed sheets and just thought I need to redecorate my house because everything just looked chic.

John Lewis has everything you can think of when it comes to home décor, from beautiful pillows, to the softest bedsheets, robes that you can add you initials on, wall paper, carpets, copper pans, dining sets and you just name it!

The thing I love most about John Lewis not only that it’s a British brand but they also offer exclusive pieces for a short period of time. So you won’t need to worry about endless households with the same table set as you have or even customize them according to your preference, like the curtains and wall papers. 

Honestly John Lewis is basically a playground for everyone who is obsessed with interior décor. So make sure you check them out at the Robinsons Department store, 2nd floor in Festival City Dubai. You can also check out their website HERE

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