Dress ASOS, Shoes By Chloe

My god I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since my trip to the Caribbean and I have to say ughhhh…. I so want to be back there! In my head I’m already planning/ thinking of the next island that I want to explore. Well I won’t be going anytime this year but for sure I will next year!

Anyway I know many of you are like waiting on my Cuba tips and places to go and see in Havana. I promise I will make that happen very soon. But for now let’s just admire this purple wall and this gorgeous purple vintage old school car! Right? I mean right???

 Anyway, most of the trip I had my hair up in a bun, big hoops, red lips and just really cute outfits all the way. This ones from ASOS and one of my faves from the trip! (P.S also love this one HERE)

Stay tuned because some Havana tips will be coming your way soon! <3

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