Marc By Marc Jacobs Valentino Ibiza Out With Marc Nadya Hasan The Butik Out With Marc Out With Marc Nadya Hasan Marc By Marc Jacobs

Photography by Alya Al Shamsi

Dress from the Butik, Valentino Shades, Forever21 hat, Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag, Random sandals

Hey dolls, how was your day? It feels so good to be back in Dubai, but at the same time I kind of miss being away. It is more of a love hate relationship. One cannot have it all I guess.

So here is another look from when I was in Ibiza. I wore this outfit to the Hippy Market. What a wonderful place. It is just like being Alice in Wonderland, such a tiny person and so much to explore.

Darlings I am calling it a night as I have to be up bright and early tomorrow. Kisses


  1. Nikell says:

    I love those sandals! I bet they go with everything. The print on the dress is cute too. (^_^)

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