December 29, 2016
February 12, 2017
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LPA Revolve Nadya HAsan x LAdy Dior House of CB IMG_1980 NAdya HAsan IMG_1892 LAdy Dior Maje Denim Jacket Gucci Sneaker Chanel NAdya HAsan IMG_2128 Nadya  Hasan in MAlaga


Hey everyone! Happy new year!!!!

 I know I am like a month late but I kind of took a break from the blog for the past month as I just needed some me time and just being away from my laptop as much as I was. I think it kind of worked?!?

 Anyway, so for the first time ever I spent New Year’s away from home (Dubai) and honestly I think it was the best decision I ever made. I spent time with some of my favorite people in Malaga City, Spain. It was my first time ever visiting the city and it literally took us 5 hours to get from Madrid to Malaga City and that just killed me! So we get to Malaga City and checked into this amazing Air BnB spot somewhere in the suburbs facing the ocean. It was honestly probably my dream house (no I didn’t take any pictures of the place sorry) and of course food was amazing, I was eating paella all day every day and the sea food was just divine!!!

 So I just gathered my outfits from Malaga City and thought I should just give you guys a summary of what I wore on my trip. Till the next post (my outfits from my Geneva trip soon)

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