Nadya HAsan
The Fierce Nay
IMG_8953 The Fierce Nay IMG_8978 IMG_8944 Nadya Hasan

Photography by Agnieszka Wojtun

Skirt by A.C.E (On sale), White Shirt by forever21 (HERE) , Prada Bag, Massimo Dutti Belt

And another one for the books. Nothing beats the beauty of nature and this place has got me wanting to sing a song from the Sound of Music! I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful and magical Zakopane really is. It truly is a place of its own and so far from any pollution you could thing of.

Well I wore this look when admiring the nature, no I wasn’t hiking but some place we just stumbled upon on our way to shoot something else. ( the hiking was the following day)

Anyway, I wore this A.C.E skirt that I found on ShopBop not long ago and guess what!? It’s now on sale.. so hurry and buy it before they completely sell out!

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