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Photography by Agnieszka Wojtun

Dress available at Harvey Nichols Dubai (now on sale), Chanel Boy Bag, Christian Louboutin Booties

I deeply apologise for how late this post came out. I shot this back in December in my favourite town in Poland- which is Krakow. I kind of took a little mini break in January and tried to be offline for a while and well February hasn’t slowed down one bit since it started! Right now I am all packed and waiting for the car to come and pick me up to head to the Airport. YUP… I am off again and this time I am headed to the COLD Big Apple. Fashion Week Month has started and I am avoiding it with everything that I have, just because it’s freezing this time of year… But I can’t wait to show you guys what I am up to and who I am flying there with!

Anyway, see you guys on the other side!

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