Santorini Oia Chanel Chanel The Fierce Nay Oia Sunrise Chanel Chain Wallet Rihanna NAdya Hasan


Photography by Agnieszka Wojtun

Top & Skirt by Katayoon, Aminah Abdil Jillil Shoes, Chanel Chain Wallet

Santorini! What can I say… It truly is a beautiful place to visit.

But, it is most definitely a “Honeymoon” destination. As a single person or going with a group of friends, I highly suggest going to a different island. Mykonos maybe?

Anyway, I loved walking around the island and exploring its beautiful essence. I went high and low looking for this exact spot that I once found online.. Located in Oia between two holistic buildings and residential places.

I have to admit.. The best sunrise and sunset has to be from a peek point in Oia.. trust me, when the sun starts to go down, you will find almost everyone in the island at some peek point watching the breath taking Sun Set.

I got to wear an outfit I had been saving for Santorini for a very long time. I got it from one of my favorite “Instagram found” designers Katayoon.

Just like the designer, her pieces are gorgeous and breathtaking.

What do you think? Maybe I should just move there.. I feel like I belong with the Greeks!

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