Chanel Boy Bag Central Park New York J. Crew Boy Bag New York Street Style Nadya Hasan Nadya Hasan

Photography by Barney. D

Sweater by J.Crew, Zara Jeans, Chanel Boy Bag, Chloe Flats

Hey gorgeous people, how is everyone doing today? Busy week it’s been so far. From events and just my day to day life chores going on, I barely have anytime to myself! Uhh

Well I am still uploading looks from New York and this has got to be one of my memorable days in New York. It started off with a stroll around Central Park, a bit of shopping on 5th avenue and a really cool helicopter ride. Well that’s a day well spent I think.

P.S I kind of went crazy when I shopped at J.Crew, its soo sad that it’s not available in the UAE yet! Someone needs to bring it down here.. Or maybe not?



  1. mary says:

    wonderful bag!!!!!!!!
    where u are?
    The Fashion FAD

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