Nadya HAsan

Valentino Ciner Poca & Poca Travel Blogger 20140905_103933 20140905_104127 20140905_104145 20140905_104146


Photography by Carrie Harwood

Top by Zara, Skirt by Poca & Poca. Valentino bag & Shoes, Ciner earrings


Hello gorgeous people.

I know I haven’t been posting as much as I used to. Life has suddenly became so overwhelming but in a good way. I am really excited for the next steps and can’t wait to reach my goal in life and do what I really love to do. Nut that’s a topic for another time.

As for now, I have been running around shooting and filming exciting new things that will be up very soon.

On that note, I will leave you guys with another look from my trip to London a few weeks back and can’t wait to start sharing images from the weeks coming ahead.


  1. EmilyRose says:

    Its A very Cool and Decent OutFit <3

  2. nice dress and the colour combination is just awsome <3

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