Zara Jeans, Jumper and Shoes, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Celine Bag

Hey Dolls, London Fashion Week is Approaching YAY! I am too hyped up about it. Anyway, The weather out here is getting to me. It’s sunny, then cloudy, then the sun plays Peek A Boo then WOAH Rain! Can’t keep up with the bipolar weather. It is really getting to me! Anyway, I wore this on a Casual day out of just small shopping and then chilled at home with the girlies! I love having my besties with me! I just wish the rest were here too! Bummer, but oh Well! Till the next post

Medina- Gutter


  1. Reem S. says:

    Love the jewelry! And the bag is still very cute! Have fun in London!

  2. Shaymaa says:

    Love the outfit.. Hate that weather!! I’m facing the same, i’m in KL and i miss the sun 🙁 Love the bag too.. Mashalla 3aliki

  3. Tara says:

    like the ” londonish” outfit 🙂

  4. Never lower, despite the fact that one is gloomy, manuals do not no who is responsible for tipping in love with your entire look.

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