Photography Rawdha Al Saket
Jacket & Skirt by Zara, Top by H&M, Bag by Lya Lya, Earrings gifted by Wayed Vintage, Wedges by Giuseppe Zanotti, Shades by Ray Ban

Hey Dolls, it might be a bit too soon for me to start wearing jeans jacket, but you know me, I COULDN’T WAIT & I love it. I have an insane obsession with spikes and studs and all that is metal I guess! Anyhooo, what do you guys think of my gorgeous earrings that Dana of Wayed Vintage gifted me? she knows me too well and knows I got bonkers for statement pieces and this is just perfection.

P.S I am on a packing plan! Ugh I have to start deciding on what to and what not to take with me to the UK. I am going to be there for a month and I cannot leave all my shoes behind, but also want to go on a crazy shopping spree there.. oh well I know I’ll figure something out and I need to start by buying a travel bag!

 Maroon 5- Love Somebody


  1. Shaymaa says:

    Love the outfit… Really nice mashalla! My advice to you about packing is take the essentials and buy new stuff once you get to the UK. So by the time you get back to DXB you would have missed your other shoes and appreciate them more 😉

  2. Hello /Ciao…Amazing Look, I Love it: the Skirt is so lovely and also the Shoes are Breathtaking!
    Yes….the earings are Cool on You!
    Un Meraviglioso Outfit, Complimenti, Cheers…Mashallah…
    Greetings from Italy

  3. Dima says:

    I adore this look.. you are just the right amount of grungy meets chic! <3

    P.S Love the new blog

  4. Lama says:

    I love your Jacket, sadly they are out of stock in AD!

  5. Fashion Lover says:

    Gorgeous bag.. I just ordered one!

  6. Safiyya says:

    Bring your umbrella.. Or heck, buy some here in London 😛 ..

    Love, S.

  7. Mariah S. says:

    I love the spiked jacket, is it recent?

    P.S you have amazing style

  8. Hana Syed says:

    Your outfit is stunning! Love the jacket especially!

  9. ghadeer says:

    u look amazing loooooovoed ur style allot one of ur fans

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