“Paper London”

Going through the new arrivals at the Valleydez website, I couldn’t help but fall in love with almost everything on there.. Read more..

Nadya HAsan

Around Venice

So here is the last of my Venetian looks! Oh I am going to my reliving all of the beautiful moments in the beautiful city of Venice!.. Read more..

“Gondola Ride In Venice”

Oh Joy!! I get to share these beautiful Gondola shots taken in Venice last month! So how was my experience? LOVELY! I really got to see the city from a completely different perspective.. Now riding a Gondola.. Read more..


I realised that I never really wrote down a list of places that I love to visit while in Paris! I have so many places to share with you and beautiful shops and restaurants!.. Read more..
Nadya Hasan

“Lily In Venice”

What can I say about Venice but to continuously talk about how beautiful this city is! The people were all lovely and always singing & smiling… Read more..
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